Stone Sculpting - the early days...

Aaron Poovey - stone sculptor

I began my first art work in 1985 by learning to make garden statuary.

I sculpted my own designs in clay and made molds to cast the statuary. I also painted in acrylic paints and oils during the same period. In 1990 I started carving stone after having met a local sculptor, Warren Arnold, in Sebastopol, California. Warren has been my friend ever since. He has helped me acquire tools and stone to carve.

A marble sculpture by Aaron Poovey.

I do what is called direct carving. The process begins by looking at the stones until the shape and color of the stone inspires an image in the stone. It is an instinctive process of special perception that takes time and patience to develop.

~ Aaron Poovey

Current Showings

Aaron's work is currently on display at the following venues: Some Bank in Sebastopol, Some art gallery in Santa Rosa...

Types of media I work with...